Katrina Kaif New Looks

Posted by : Saran | Thursday, December 30, 2010 | Published in

Director Prakash Jha varied the appearance the way fill looked at Katrina Kaif with his pic 'Raajneeti'. Katrina established her calibre by donning a thoughtful part in his political saga. Impressed with her, the filmmaker offered the actress yet added propose, entitled 'Satsang'.

Katrina is said to be the main hint in this one and like in 'Raajneeti' she gift be seen without any cosmetics here. Sources show that she present be playing a composite personation, something which Jha was dubious of. Initially he was insecure whether Kat gift be able to sway off the property.

On this Katrina agreed locution that this role would be the most provocative object of her progress so far. "Prakashji and I change discussed the thing in point. I'm undecided to the dispute," remarked the model.

Shaft, all the foremost Kat! Go for it….