Kamal Haasan’s dropped song

Posted by : Saran | Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | Published in

Hardly two canicule afterwards he said that a song in ‘Manmadhan Ambu’, which was against by a few organisations, would not be deleted from the movie, Kamal Haasan on Monday said the song would be dropped.
The ace amateur about gave an account to the decision. “Had the blur been produced by my company, I would not accept removed the song in the achievement that it would be accustomed by all,” he said.
In a statement, Kamal added: “To ensure that the blur is admired by every area of the society, he and the assembly aggregation (Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Movies) had absitively to abolish the song.”
He claimed the song, austere by the Censor board, had been broadly accustomed by public. “The song was not, in any way, advised to aching religious sentiments,” Kamal said. The number, ‘Kannodu Kannai…’ was articulate by Kamal himself with amateur Trisha.