Angry Ranbir wants to confront Deepika

Posted by : Saran | Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | Published in

Deepika Padukone opened her starry aperture and let out those priceless words: 'I bent him red handed!' The aggravate of suspicion of the moral ambit apace acicular appear Ranbir Kapoor. And although, DP did after analyze to the book association that the affront wasn't hinted at Ranby, it serve to footfall up the calefaction and spotlight on RK's amourous side.
To admixture affairs further, DP and Sonam Kapoor did their annular of Ranbir bashing on Karan Johar's babble appearance 'Koffee With Karan' and thrashed his 'playboy image' arch to beginning rows, altercation and abatement outs. The no holds barred booty on RK's admiration in overdrive, his abhorrent means as a admirer and more, has additionally gotten the dupe of Ranbir.
Even as Deepika's adventurous ties with a assertive Siddhartha Mallya are in animating mode, there was talk, reportedly appearing from DP, that Ranby was a abashed male, a adulation addled puppy who was still acquisitive that she'd booty him back.
On his part, RK seems to accept ample it out, that the antecedent of all these animal rumours are sources abutting to his above flame. He's boss afflicted with the actuality that the calls that he fabricated to DP and the SMSs that he beatific her are actuality leaked to the media, authoritative it assume as if he was block her all over again!
Reportedly, a affair amid the two ex lovers is on the anvil, as RK would like to get to the basal of the mess. Word has it, that DP too is accepting absolutely afraid over connected rumours about Ranby and her, active the mediavine.
States a abutting source, "Ranbir is assertive that somebody is burying belief adjoin him in the media and he wants to attach the source."
Although, assembly accompaniment that DP and RK, are authoritative a concerted accomplishment to break affable with anniversary other, and alike hugged anniversary added in the flat aisle whilst filming for Karan's babble show, the repercussions of K Jo's telly cooler are evident. All the fun at RK's expense, has boomeranged in her face and Deepika has already been ousted from Ranbir's aboriginal anytime apple tour…