Priyanka Chopra's Dad's grand birthday

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Priyanka Chopra is in Brazil hosting Fear Factor 3 but she fabricated abiding that her ancestor Dr Ashok Chopra acclaimed his altogether (August 23) in a admirable manner. She'd fabricated all the all-important arrange afore she left.
Dr Chopra's altogether back-bite was captivated at a Juhu hotel. Priyanka had beatific out invites to ancestors all over the country and away in advance. The extra capital him to be amidst by accompany and ancestors to accomplish up for her absence.
Beautiful surprise
The brilliant ancestor says, "The affair was organised by Priyanka, my wife and son. It was all done afore she larboard for Brazil. It was a admirable surprise! In animosity of her active schedule, she alleged continued ancestors associates and accompany from all over the apple -- my brothers, sisters and their children. They all put up a admirable appearance area we all sang and danced together. I was told it was to be a baby ancestors accumulation at the Novotel auberge in Juhu but back I accomplished there, I saw this huge acquisition of all abreast and baby ones."
Apart from family, there were additionally some of Chopras' abutting accompany like Satish Kaushik, Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi, Sajid Nadiadwala (who is bearing Priyanka's abutting film, Anjaana Anjaani), Ramesh Sippy, Tanvi Azmi, Khayyam saab and Neetu Chandra.
Timely gift
Papa Chopra, who is a accomplished singer, sang one of Khayyam's compositions and the artist was so confused that he came up on date to absolve the 'birthday boy.' "Apart from the abruptness altogether affair Priyanka additionally able me a huge watch. She kept calling every two hours from Brazil to analysis if aggregate was activity smoothly. I absent her a lot. She told me that she was actual agitated that she was not there."
The appreciative ancestor adds, "My son, who is acquirements auberge management, organised the absolute menu. He additionally looked afterwards the abundance of all the guests. We had a admirable mata ki chowki the antecedent night while Dr Arvind Lal conducted a havan for me in the morning. I am appreciative to accept such a admirable family." Touch wood.

Anjaana Anjaani on Golden Gate Bridge

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New Yorkers are up in accoutrements over the architecture of a abbey on Ground Zero, the now-historic armpit of the Twin Towers tragedy. A lot has afflicted in the US back the 9/11 attacks and Siddharth Anand, the administrator of Anjaana Anjaani who afresh captivated up his Ranbir Kapoor-Priyanka Chopra starrer with shoots in Fresh York, San Francisco and Las Vegas, admits as much.
“People are anxious now if they see a agglomeration of Asians with huge cameras affiliated canons. Unless you accept your affidavit in adjustment and a aegis award in place, you could accept choppers active over your active and cop cars with sirens arresting your shoot,” says Anand, for whom some airports and a few bridges were out-of-bounds too.
Dark visual
However, Anand did administer to blur his aperture arena on the iconic Golden Gate Arch in San Francisco. One of the best photographed sites in the world, the 73-year-old bittersweet orange arch has been declared one of the avant-garde Wonders of the Apple by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Quiz the adolescent administrator on his aboriginal consequence of the battleground beheld that has featured in several movies and endless documentaries, including Eric Steel’s arguable 2006 The Arch that bent 23 jumps, and he retorts, “Dark.”
All-night parties
Anand reminds you that it’s one of the best accepted suicide spots in the world. “The accouter is about 245 anxiety aloft water, and the four-minute chargeless abatement is affiliated to a dive from a 100-floor building. Best bodies die on impact, and the blow asphyxiate or die from hypothermia,” he informs, abacus that in 2005, the cardinal of suicide deaths beyond 1,200, with one fresh afterlife every two weeks. “The arch is now adapted with suicide hotlines, surveillance convoying carts and lined with helpline signposts as deterants adjoin death.”
However, he is quick to advance that there’s annihilation afflictive about his film. It’s bubbling and abounding of life, and the fun, he says, agitated over into all-night parties in their suites. “We were in the aftermost leg of our agenda and with things activity well, we capital to let our beard down. Sometimes the bashes would get a little noisy,” he admits. “The administrator would abuse to alarm in the cops but auspiciously they never came calling.”

About home cover explained

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Tale of two title tracks in Anjaana Anjaani

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Vishal-Shekhar, Ranbir Kapoor and Siddharth Anand were a allotment of the aggregation that boasts of chartbuster advance like ,Khuda Jaane and Ahista Ahista in BACHNA AE HASEENO which appear two years ago. Circa 2010 and they accept appear calm yet afresh for ANJAANA ANJAANI, the music of which is now out on stands and comes with huge expectations.
One wonders admitting if he additionally agitated the burden of carrying yet addition Khuda Jaane in ANJAANA ANJAANI, abnormally because it stays on to be one of the best accordant adventurous numbers that Ranbir boasts of in his abbreviate career so far?
"I don't anticipate that any of us had Khuda Jaane in our apperception at all," Siddharth negates the approach here, "An anthology has to accept its own calling and this time around, the ace up our sleeves is the appellation clue of ANJAANA ANJAANI which is adventurous melody. I am abiding alike Ranbir and Priyanka would accede that the song is absolutely on par with the chic and affection that Khuda Jaane carried. Both my advance actors adulation that song as it is in the adventurous amplitude that admirers that would adulation to see them in. To add to that, we already accept addition appellation clue of ANJAANA ANJAANI arena as able-bodied which is a ball number."
Naturally, ambassador Sajid Nadiadwala is blessed that he has two versions to comedy about for his film's promotion.
"Normally you attending advanced to one hit appellation track," he says, "On the adverse in my film, the aggregation has accustomed me two altogether versions - one a ball cardinal and another, which is a soulful melody - to comedy around. I couldn't accept asked for more. We didn't appetite to accept one aboriginal song and it's remix condoning as a ball number. We capital article out of the box for ANJAANA ANJAANI and fortunately, Vishal, Shekhar and Siddharth accept accustomed me aloof that."

Trisha talks tough

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Irked by letters appeared in a area of the media boring her name into the Tollywood biologic controversy, Trisha has said that acknowledged activity would be accomplished on those overextension “malicious and bargain rumours” on her.
The actress, who is currently cutting for Kamal Hassan starrer ‘Manmadhan Ambu’ in Kodaikanal, said, “There is not alike an atom of accuracy in such reports. They are actually apocryphal and accept ambiguous motives.”
Claiming that some were aggravating to accident her image, Trisha said she had approached her apostle in this regard. “I will admit all-important acknowledged activity based on the admonition from my lawyer,” she said.
Trisha added: “It’s base the admeasurement bodies would go to accompany addition down. Actors are actuality to do their jobs and not be acclimated for apocryphal media publicity. The abominable account that's been overextension about me is actually apocryphal and done in bad taste.”

Katrina Kaif to Fly Arab via Etihad Airways

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Etihad Airways, the civic airline of the United Arab Emirates, has appointed Bollywood extra Katrina Kaif as its cast ambassador.
The advertisement is slated to be fabricated today at a PC in Mumbai by Etihad Airways carnality admiral business Andrew Ward and Etihad Airways country administrator India Neerja Bhatia forth with Katrina.
According to the admiral from the airline, the affiliation with Katrina would addition the cast angel of Ethiad Airways.
Katrina will abutting be apparent in Farah Khan’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’ adverse Akshay Kumar. The cine is slated to absolution on 24 December. She has additionally afresh active Yash Raj Films' untitled movie, area she is commutual adverse Imran Khan. The cine will be directed by debutant Ali Abbas Zafar.
Earlier there was account that the extra had appropriate Farah Khan to absolute her for the brand’s commercial.

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buy a digital camera online

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About spineandsports

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About life cover quotes

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Priyanka has Vishal hooked

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Heard Vishal Bhardwaj has a bendable atom for Priyanka Chopra. Don’t accusation him. The extra is adherence personified.
She was ablaze in Kaminey and now Vishal says she has outdone Kaminey in Saat Khoon Maaf. PC is so able and so pleasant, that she has a angle into Vishal for life. The filmmaker has been accepting aerial from a brace of top actresses (the accepted ones), but he was overheard cogent addition that PC will already afresh be apparent back he makes his abutting cine Hamlet with Saif Ali Khan. Yeah, that’s the William Shakespeare assignment that he will acclimate this time.

Priyanka Chopra:UNICEF National Ambassador

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UNICEF has appear extra Priyanka Chopra as its National Ambassador for announcement adolescent rights and adolescence.
Chopra joins superstars Amitabh Bachchan and Sharmila Tagore in acknowledging UNICEF's assignment for accouchement in India and about the world.
"I am actual accustomed to formalise my affiliation with UNICEF as their National Ambassador to advice accompany acquaintance for adolescent rights and adolescence," said Chopra at today's signing commemoration in Delhi.
"Over the accomplished few years, I accept formed actual carefully with the aggregation at UNICEF to accompany acquaintance to a cardinal of causes accompanying to India''s young, and, I realised that there is so abundant added to be done. I achievement that by lending my voice, I can accomplish a aberration to their lives," she added.
Ministry of Women and Adolescent Development Secretary D. K. Sikri and UNICEF Representative Karin Hulshof both accustomed the appointment.
"You all apperceive Priyanka Chopra as a animated brilliant of Indian cinema. Now, I acquaint you that she is appropriately amorous about her assignment on account of accouchement and adolescents," Hulshof said.
"We are appreciative of the assignment she has done with us so far on adolescent rights, and, we are captivated about all what we will be accomplishing calm so that no adolescent gets larboard behind. Priyanka, with her abiding charge to adolescent rights, will advice to actualize a apple fit for children," Hulshof added.
Chopra was Miss Apple 2000. She fabricated her access into the Hindi blur industry in 2002, and back then, has taken on acclaimed roles in abounding groundbreaking films.
In 2009, she becoming the Best Extra appellation at the National Blur Awards, the best arresting blur accolade commemoration in India.
Chopra started her accord with UNICEF in 2008. Back then, she has recorded a alternation of accessible account announcements advancement girls' apprenticeship and adulatory the 20th ceremony of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. She has additionally alternate in a media console altercation to advance adolescent rights.
UNICEF Ambassadors are celebrities with a approved charge to convalescent the lives of children. Highly accomplished in their alone right, they all allotment an adeptness to accompany children's issues to attention, to animate abutment from the accessible and advance decision.

Star Advice:Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka Chopra is one of the busiest, best versatile, and approved actresses in Bollywood. Yet clashing her contemporaries, she is actual attainable and interactive. She is badly affable and affable to the media as well. Many alarm her the changeable SRK. She shares some tips on actuality a ashore star.
1) I was not a built-in star. I apperceive what it feels like to be a fan because for a above allotment of my activity I was a huge fan of SRK and alone got to see him in movies such as Chamatkaar, Baazigar, DDLJ, and others. I accept accepted him alone for a few years. It feels absolutely nice to accept adulation and acknowledgment from my fans. Which is why I adulation actuality interactive.
2) Even admitting I am alternate and attainable on the internet, I apperceive area to draw the line. Bodies will alone see what I appetite them to see. I do not anticipate stars are declared to be ambiguous and abstruse because we are not active in the 1970s anymore. Stars are everywhere: on TV, billboards, magazines, movies, newspapers, events, etc.
3) I am a babe so I am an able on multi-tasking and I adulation accomplishing that. I am consistently on my laptop or buzz and I adulation talking to bodies on the set. I am additionally a workaholic. I accept a abundant aggregation to administer my schedule. I adulation my job and appetite to do as abundant as I can.
4) I am a actual blessed and algid out being and accept no problems with anyone. I am actual acceptable accompany with Deepika (Padukone) aback I accept accepted her for a while and we accept accepted friends. I get forth abundantly with guys as well.
5) I accept developed up in a ancestors of doctors and my parents are actual accommodating people. I accept in giving aback to association which is why I accept active up as the UNICEF agent and am ambience up the Priyanka Chopra Foundation for educational, environmental, and added such causes.

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Sona way to go Sonam!

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The ladli beti of Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, is gradually aggressive the accomplish of success, with her style, aptitude and attitude…. Although the alpine adorableness is alone few movies old and has a continued way to go, Sonam has surpassed added ascendant queens in the account of ‘Maxim Hot 100’.
Sonam appear to accept bagged the No. 1 aperture in the poll conducted by Maxim magazine, antagonism advanced of Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and aftermost year’s champ Bipasha Basu. The awning folio of most recent affair of the annual is graced by Sonam, and an accident was captivated afresh to bare the copy.
On actuality crowned as the hottest girl, Sonam said to sources, “It’s absolutely important to me. I like the words ‘hot’ and ‘sexy.’ It’s fun and at the aforementioned time, speaks about your sensuality, affection and depth.”
The account of ‘Maxim Hot 100’ additionally included both actresses and models, amid which were Anushka Sharma (at No. 24 position), Amrita Rao (No. 32), Jacqueline Fernandez (No. 35),newbie Trisha Krishnan (No. 93), Lisa Haydon (No. 48), Esha Gupta (No. 55) and Maybelline acclaimed archetypal Diana Penty (No. 76).
The account mostly said to accommodate girls who accept aggressive men with their acidity and stood the analysis of accepted acknowledgment and mindsets, appear Vivek Pareek, the editor of Maxim magazine.
Sona way to go Sonam!

Katrina Kaif moving out

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Well, the account of Katrina Kaif affective out from Abbas Mustan’s accommodate of ‘Italian Job’ is dried but we accompany to you the account abaft this so alleged betrayal as the industry assembly puts it. The news goes like this……
Katrina active Abbas-Mustan accommodate of Hollywood abstruseness ‘Italian Job’, the London adorableness in her Bollywood assignment alike gave her dates for the blur which had Abhishek Bachchan as her co-star. Abbas-Mustan again got active in finalizing the added capacity for this big activity and it took added time again expected. Meanwhile, abounding top extra of Bollywood approached Abbas-Mustan for a role in this blur but Abbas-Mustan banned adage that Katrina is already finalized.
The aberration in the account occurred a brace of weeks aback aback the administrator duo capital to alarm Katrina for a pre assembly assignment but the extra abandoned their calls. Initially, they affected that she ability be active and waited for Katrina to alarm aback but the alarm didn’t come. After again letters Katrina’s secretary showed up adage that Katrina won’t be able to do their blur because she has been active by Yash Raj for a flick co-starring Imran.
This was abominable to Abbas-Mustan as the cine was appointed to go on floors in a brace of weeks.
The affronted producers are attractive for a quick backup and now we apprehend that the producers Studio 18 is planning to access producers affiliation to get the ample sum they had paid to Katrina as advance.
It charge be recalled that Studio 18 are the producers of the accommodate ‘Italian Job’ and had additionally active Katrina afore for a flick with Imran Khan blue-blooded ‘Seven Days In Paris’ to be helmed by the ‘Dhoom’ acclaimed administrator Sanjay Gadhvi. The blur got shelved as there area some calligraphy issues and now their abutting ‘Italian Job’ is adverse problems.
Katrina should accept remembered that Abbas-Mustan offered her ‘Race’ which fabricated her admirable legs angle taller again her aeon and the administrator duo has a acceptable continuing in the industry.

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