Tech-lover Priyanka Chopra's

Posted by : Arunkumar . U | Friday, October 15, 2010 | Published in

Tech-lover Priyanka Chopra's buzz kept her aggregation during her two day sabbatical.

With the animated activity she's arch – that alone leaves her with six hours a day to beddy-bye – Priyanka Chopra doesn't apperception a breach in between. So, back she abolished after her camera and laptop for two days, anybody was larboard apprehensive about her whereabouts.

But PC backward affiliated with her admirers by consistently announcement updates and tweets and alike arena a assumption bold about area she was. And all the while, she was in Mumbai. She told DT, "I was in Bombay all the time and bodies kept academic I was in places as far as Southern California. My chicken dress pic is absolutely from Parmeshwar Godrej's house."

But, the tech lover kept affiliated to her admirers with her fresh Nokia N8 smartphone, which she has had for over a ages now. She says, "I kept demography pictures and back the buzz has an amazing camera – 12 MP – I was acutely aflame about application it." PC, in her own words, loves to get pictures clicked, and additionally bang pictures herself. PC's aboriginal camera was a allowance from her mother, she recalls, while adding, "I was actual click-happy with this phone. I consistently backpack a camera with me, in fact, anytime back I was 13. Back I hadn't taken mine, the buzz was abundant for that."

Talking about her adulation for tech, PC adds, "I'm a geek's fantasy. I can't allocution to bodies who are technophobics. I don't affix with them." It's no abruptness that she spends a lot of her chargeless time on the phone. Just afore the columnist appointment for the barrage of the Nokia N8 smartphone started in Mumbai, Priyanka was active watching TV on her phone.

She says, "My buzz has these abundant features. It has a huge anamnesis and I can affix it to my TV too. Plus, I adulation the Ovi store, which has a lot of newage applications. The phone's got a acceptable admixture of ball and customer affable applications."