Priyanka Chopra:Do you accept in the abstraction of marriage?

Posted by : Saran | Sunday, October 3, 2010 | Published in

I absolutely accept in it. I am the world’s affliction romantic. I am like badly delusional about the academy of marriage; about romance. I alive in a Mills and Boon book. That’s my abstraction of romance. I abhorrence Hindi movies because of that (laughs) — ideal romances which never happen.

So, who’s your ideal date?

I should be swept off my feet. And how the guy does that is his problem. It could be article as simple as saying, ‘Dude I don’t apperceive what to say, you wanna go for a film?’. Like erect honest. The acuteness of affection me or what the being feels for me is what touches me more. It does not accept to be cakes, brownies and roses. If somebody gets me that — abounding bare credibility points. It has to be real.

Your aftermost date?

Where is the ability of dating in our country? That doesn’t appear in India — we get into relationships. So I accept never been on a date. Nor has anybody asked me out.


Yeah. Who asks you out on a date? Accept you been asked out on a date —that I appetite to date you?!!

Will you accomplish the aboriginal move?

Never. I’ll never accomplish the aboriginal move. I’ll bead abounding hints and if the guy doesn’t get it, he’s brainless — not account my time. I’ll bead like absolutely big hints that I like you — but I’ll never accomplish the aboriginal move.

Would you go on a dark date?

If it’s a acquaintance of abundance who’s set it up, I apparently will anticipate about it. No dark dates though…but, if my acquaintance says I appetite you to accommodated somebody, he’s so your type, I ability go for it.

Are you a foodie?

Yes absolutely (as she bites into a pizza)…My aggregation knows if I’m stressed, I charge to eat and I’ll eat clutter — fries, pizzas, burgers, cakes — all crap. I am my trainer’s daydream and I don’t workout. I’ll accomplish all the excuses in the apple to abstain alive out —I’ll accomplish bahanas like, ‘Oh I formed so abundant already’. I abhorrence to workout.

You’re accompany with Hollywood hottie Gerard Butler. do you anticipate he’s hot?

Gerard...I accept never acquainted that. I don’t apperceive why…We affix on a airy akin (laughs).

C’mon! be honest…

You know, I don’t. He’s a abundant friend, he’s awesome! Yeah, of advance he’s abundant but not my type. MCP — Male Chauvinistic Punjabis — that’s my type!