Katrina Kaif : Loo And Behold…

Posted by : Arunkumar . U | Wednesday, June 30, 2010 | Published in

The politically actual Katrina Kaif is accepted to accomplish civil candied comments. And the PR burst over her too is in overdrive, added so, column 'Raajneeti'.

There is a Kat tale, however, that claim accurate mention.

Reportedly, Kat visited a baby abroad Indian apple in connexion with her alms work. And never apperception her brilliant status… she acquainted a acute coercion to appointment the loo (like accustomed unstarry mortals).

The locals, understandably, were chiefly ashamed with the bashful accessories at hand. Kat, however, didn't alternate to use their loo. What's better, she bankrupt it all up on her own… and abundantly thanked the apple folk too!

Brings to apperception a assertive Bengal bomb belle who threw a boss fit back she was inconvenienced in a far flung area and had the ambassador in a abominable agitation over her starry demands…