Kareena wants to work with Karisma

Posted by : Arunkumar . U | Saturday, June 19, 2010 | Published in

Kareena Kapoor's ambition account has aloof got extended. Apart from films, Saif and her allotment of cat-fights, Kareena has added one added affair to her ambition list.

Now, Bebo has a fresh demand. The extra wants to assignment with her sister - Karisma Kapoor. But, alas! No filmmaker has been cerebration on those curve so far. This has larboard Bebo heartbroken. Though mildly.

Legend has it that Bebo alike approved acceptable Saif to braiding in Karisma in some of his films But, annihilation is alive out that can see Bebo and Lolo (Karisma) allotment the aforementioned awning space.

Bebo has gone on almanac to say this about alive with Lolo. She says, "I anticipate the alone extra I absolutely would adulation to get commutual with is my sister Karisma Kapoor. Though it has not happened so far, but I achievement one day we allotment the aforementioned awning space."

Well, we can't disagree with Kareena on this casting combination. Two baking sisters are apprenticed to bake the argent awning to ashes. Now, how anon will it appear is a ambition anybody wants to see accepting fulfilled.