Priyanka Chopra:UNICEF National Ambassador

Posted by : Saran | Friday, August 13, 2010 | Published in

UNICEF has appear extra Priyanka Chopra as its National Ambassador for announcement adolescent rights and adolescence.
Chopra joins superstars Amitabh Bachchan and Sharmila Tagore in acknowledging UNICEF's assignment for accouchement in India and about the world.
"I am actual accustomed to formalise my affiliation with UNICEF as their National Ambassador to advice accompany acquaintance for adolescent rights and adolescence," said Chopra at today's signing commemoration in Delhi.
"Over the accomplished few years, I accept formed actual carefully with the aggregation at UNICEF to accompany acquaintance to a cardinal of causes accompanying to India''s young, and, I realised that there is so abundant added to be done. I achievement that by lending my voice, I can accomplish a aberration to their lives," she added.
Ministry of Women and Adolescent Development Secretary D. K. Sikri and UNICEF Representative Karin Hulshof both accustomed the appointment.
"You all apperceive Priyanka Chopra as a animated brilliant of Indian cinema. Now, I acquaint you that she is appropriately amorous about her assignment on account of accouchement and adolescents," Hulshof said.
"We are appreciative of the assignment she has done with us so far on adolescent rights, and, we are captivated about all what we will be accomplishing calm so that no adolescent gets larboard behind. Priyanka, with her abiding charge to adolescent rights, will advice to actualize a apple fit for children," Hulshof added.
Chopra was Miss Apple 2000. She fabricated her access into the Hindi blur industry in 2002, and back then, has taken on acclaimed roles in abounding groundbreaking films.
In 2009, she becoming the Best Extra appellation at the National Blur Awards, the best arresting blur accolade commemoration in India.
Chopra started her accord with UNICEF in 2008. Back then, she has recorded a alternation of accessible account announcements advancement girls' apprenticeship and adulatory the 20th ceremony of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. She has additionally alternate in a media console altercation to advance adolescent rights.
UNICEF Ambassadors are celebrities with a approved charge to convalescent the lives of children. Highly accomplished in their alone right, they all allotment an adeptness to accompany children's issues to attention, to animate abutment from the accessible and advance decision.