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Posted by : Saran | Monday, August 23, 2010 | Published in

Human movements are learned and encoded in early childhood. Once encoded, they are stored in memory, become routine and are carried out without conscious attention. Learning is based on many inter-related reflexes that lead to execution of complex tasks. Stress or injuries may damage the complex reflex mechanism of previously learned processes stored in the memory.  In spineandsports our intent is to provide the best care possible to all the communities around us (New York City, Manhattan). Physical Therapy is a very personal service and having a local provider is very important. The physical therapy in Manhattan, NY is based on the important principle - strive to offer the best care possible and the best service, all of the time. This training effect is imparted both to skeletal and heart muscles. Training improves muscle metabolism, enabling muscles to store sufficient amount of immediately available energy source, and utilize it more efficiently. Medical massage may relieve stress, tension and spasm in the skeletal muscles, including back or neck pain and headaches and improves blood circulation and lymph flow in soft tissues. It improves general patient comfort and sense of well being and positively affects the psychological perception of distorted body image.