About Projector Headlights

Posted by : Saran | Thursday, August 12, 2010 | Published in

Hi Friends welcome to online shopping carid.com offers a huge selection of Projector Headlights. Also know as Angle Eye Headlights or Halo Headlights, Projector style Headlights offer a more concentrated or direct beam of light. This allows the Headlight to shine farther down the road in a more accurate less scattered light pattern. Other benefits of Projector Headlights are the safety feature that the Halo Light offers. carid.com offers a full selection of Projector Headlights and JDM Headlights for many cars from Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Dodge, Scion and more. The Projector Part of our Headlights come complete with bulbs for easy installation and most require no cutting of your existing headlight wires. Projectors headlights technology was taken from racing vehicles driven at night. Projector headlight technology was used in many high end production models of BMW and Mercedes. BMW wanted to produce a headlight that would focus the light directly in front of the car instead of the sides of the road and into the sky; which standard parabolic headlights did. It was important to have the maximum amount of light in front of the vehicle when traveling at high speeds. If you plan to upgrade to Projector headlights, you don’t have to worry much. Projector Headlights will take the place of your existing OEM headlights with little or no modifications.