Priyanka Chopra No connectivity, no television, no parties

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No connectivity, no television, no parties - Priyanka Chopra confesses to accepting no amusing activity while she’s tucked abroad in the jungles of Coorg, area she has been cutting for the accomplished ages for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Saat Khoon Maaf. The self-imposed abreast is not all bad though, alike if she has to action off leeches that are blithely feasting on her blood. She is able to apprehend and assignment on her appearance as there are no distractions.

After canicule of attempting to acquaintance Priyanka, we assuredly able get through to her on a bounded Coorg number. She says, “This has been my longest innings abroad from ancestors accompany and a amusing life, unless of advance you calculation the aggregation of the leeches. I haven’t been able to accumulate in blow with anyone at all except for that one day back I had to fly to Delhi for my grandmother’s funeral.”

Priyanka’s mom afresh went to Coorg to absorb time with her daughter. “But that was for aloof a abrupt while,” she says, “But my three abutting accompany are accepted in Coorg actual soon.”

Priyanka has been cutting non-stop. She says, “There is no time to anticipate about annihilation except assignment and sleep. And yes, I’ve been account a lot of books and scripts. Otherwise, I’m absolutely focused on accepting my appearance right.”

Priyanka copes with leeches, abridgement of connectivity and amusing activity in Coorg as she shoots for Saat Khoon Maaf

And this time Priyanka has affluence to get right. She says, “In a way, the abridgement of aberration is ideal. Saat Khoon Maaf is my better claiming to date. I don’t apperceive if I can cull it off. But the actuality that there’s alone the assignment to focus on is absolutely helping.”

Priyanka not alone has to comedy a woman who murders her husbands, she additionally has to age to 60. Says Priyanka, “Playing a assassin is not the better challenge. I’ve to get into the anima of a woman who ages 40 years in the amount of the film.” Priyanka has been activity through assorted capricious phases with the advice of books, prosthetics and of course, “Vishal sir”

She confesses, “In Saat Khoon Maaf my appearance ages from 20 to 60. That’s absolutely tricky. We’ve done a looks analysis of me at 60. Will I attending hot as a 60-year old? I achievement so.”

She laughs, again gets serious. “I feel a lot of albatross has been put on me. And I’m actual close about accepting it right. But I can absolutely depend on Vishal Sir.” Priyanka is all acclaim for her director. She gushes, “Here I charge a lot added advice than Kaminey. After two films, I allotment a accord with Vishal Sir that I haven’t aggregate with any added director. We accept anniversary added instinctively. I feel actual flattered by the actuality that he’s authoritative his aboriginal woman-centric blur with me.”