Born in Jamshedpur.

I loved khichdi as a child.

I have always loved food and I eat well.

My fitness regimen is my work.

I work 19 hours a day. I am overstressed, overworked and underpaid.

I am a non-vegetarian.

I begin my day with a glass of warm water sprinkled with a dash of nimbu, followed by a glass of juice.

Later I breakfast on eggs, toast and cereal.

When I am at home, my lunch is any curry, preferably dahi kadi or egg curry, with chappatis and rice and a sabzi.

Dinner is any non-vegetarian fare with parathas.

As and when I do have a salad, I love lettuce. My evening snack is generally a peanut butter or cheese sandwich. I also like to carry a lot of churan, chakli, chips, butter popcorn, aam papad and other munchies to the sets.


I am allergic to vegetables … ha, ha, ha. Just kidding.

I dislike asparagus, also bland and steamed food.


My all-time favourite food is Dum Hyderabadi Biryani.

Punjabi favourites are kadi chawal, makai ki roti and sarson ka saag.

I love bhindi.

A favourite childhood memory is gorging on rajma chawal and chiniwala dahi.

I am partial to Indian, Mexican and Italian cuisine and I love spicing up my food with oregano and chaat masala.

I cannot resist eating pepperoni pizza.

I love gajar ka halwa in Indian desserts. My favourite fruits are cherries and mangoes. In beverages a glass of chaas/lassi is what I would pick first. My favourite mocktail is Virgin Mary. And milk is something that’s always there in my fridge.


I enjoy eating out at Olives, Shatranj, Tian and Athena. In smaller joints, I prefer to eat South Indian food.

I love eating at Burger King while Pizza Hut and Dominos is where I go for pizzas.

When choosing a restaurant, my privacy is very important to me. I give more importance to the ambience than to the food.


During summer, I eat light food like idlis and I drink lots of fresh juices. I prefer chappatis to rice in summer.

But in winter I love to eat gajar halwa and chawal kheer.

Any season is good enough to gorge on my comfort food – all kinds of fast food – I simply adore pav-bhaji, pani-puris, chaats and pizzas.


I am afraid I can’t really cook well but my brother makes the best barbeque chicken. My best dining friends are my family.

My idea of a romantic meal would be when it’s all cooked by the person I am in love with. I’d like Italian food, candlelight and soft music.