‘Golimaar’ releases on 27th May

Posted by : Arunkumar . U | Wednesday, May 26, 2010 | Published in

‘A’ for activity and Puri Jagannath’s abutting activity flick ‘Golimaar’ with activating hero Gopichand has accomplished its abridge rituals and is accessible for release.

Expressing beatitude in a columnist accommodated to advertise the same, ambassador Bellamkonda Suresh was blessed to see the cine appear out smoothly. He added that the music of the cine is a big additional point and anybody seems to like the alcoholic song about men. ‘Golimaar’ releases on 27th May. Be able for the action!

Similar angle were bidding by hero Gopichand. He said the cine will be a blockbuster like Puri Jagannath’s antecedent hits. When it was the director’s turn, he humbly accustomed that the cine was aggressive by the absolute activity incidents of appointment specialist Daya Nayak. He added adage Gopichand’s achievement is a highlight in the cine forth with Roja’s atomic performance.

Roja gave a basis of her appearance adage she is arena Priya Mani’s mother in ‘Golimaar’ and her role is absolutely challenging. Priya Mani said she was a big fan of Puri Jagannath and was blessed to be allotment of the movie