About id reader

Posted by : Saran | Saturday, July 9, 2011 | Published in

Card Scanning Solutions is a pioneer in manufacturing of card reading systems built on OCR - Optical Character Recognition technology.OCR technology helps to eliminate the use of magnetic strips and bar code readers. Card Scanning Solutions now introduces an innovative device, the card reading system designed to read Driver Licenses, ID cards, Medical Insurance Cards, Passports, Business Cards, and Checks. It reads driver’s licenses from all 50 American states and many countries around the world .It also extracts data and images and converts all types of cards into a database or a file. The uniqueness of the reader is, it reads the information from both sides of the card as well as captures the full image of the license both the face image and signature image. The id reader is the most cost effective reader system and provides database capabilities for processing, storing, and manipulating the acquired data automatically in car dealerships, bars, clubs, security applications and any other field. The card reading system of Card Scanning Solutions captures the information quickly and accurately and makes things simple and better for the users!