About femtocell infrastructure

Posted by : Saran | Tuesday, July 5, 2011 | Published in

This is always happy to write about the good quality and perfect high availability telecom products in my blog. Again, my pleasure to talk about the great small thing but big changes to our life. Yes it is the greatest and most wanted product of Alcatel-Lucent residential femtocell product which is sold across the globe. The official Alcatel-Lucent blog Wilson-street is talking the great technology and its insight advantages.  Alcatel-Lucent means to me is high availability and the better quality for the end user which is also witnessed by their residential femtocell infrastructure.

The Alcatel-Lucent residential femtocell product is giving you the high availability with automated plug and play small thing. These femtocells infrastructure can be installed in the areas where the signal is very low. It ensures the high signal for your family with five bars. The voice quality and the data quality is commendable. This might be the reason for fastest growing product in the telecom sector. The product is not using anything extra but it uses only the existing resources of the mobile technologies. The greatest added feature with respect to environment is that it reduces the power consumption of the femtocell and the low battery usage of your mobile phone. It supports all 3G mobile and advanced technologies. My pleasure to buy the Alcatel-Lucent product once again.. Alcatel-Lucent because the world is always on!