Anjali’s next film is Karungaali

Posted by : Saran | Friday, April 22, 2011 | Published in

Anjali’s abutting blur is Karungaali with administrator Kalangiyam, who will additionally be arena the advance role in this film. Kalangiyam has aforetime formed with Karthik and Devayani in a blur alleged Nilave Mugam Kattu. He was the one who apparent Anjali and casting her in his film. Unfortunately the blur did not see the ablaze of day. But both are assured that Karungaali will booty them places.
The Angadi Theru added is alive absolutely adamantine to accomplish her appearance authentic. Her delivery is additionally convalescent as the administrator is actual accurate about her Tamil pronunciation. The role, which is that of a affiliated woman, appropriate that she put on a little weight. So the added feasted on chocolates, ice cream, accolade and a accomplished lot of sinfully fattening being and acquired 6 kilos. After all the adamantine assignment she has put in, Anjali says that the harder assignment will activate already she finishes cutting as she has to afford the added flab!