About Five Point Capital

Posted by : Saran | Friday, April 22, 2011 | Published in

Hi friends, Restaurants are always in high demand of new equipments because of their continuous usage preparing food for their customers. Restaurant equipments have the tendency to get old or not run/work as efficiently fairly quick due to the frequent usage of them. It is always important to have these equipments in good working condition to keep the restaurant flowing and keeping customers rushing in.
I found that Five Point Capital is one of the leading equipment financing companies. Five Point Capital is to help restaurants nationwide by providing restaurants the equipments they need to keep their businesses running. The lease program offered by Five Point Capital is quick and simple. Equipment leases up to $100,000 can be taken care of with ease and without any financial.
Five Point Capital also provide Business and Office Equipment such as Computers, Software, Copiers, Printers, Telephone Systems, Security Systems, and Office Furniture in lease. Types of Medical Equipment Leased such as Digital X-Ray Systems, Work Stations, Delivery Systems, Seating, Office Furniture, CT Scanners and Heart Monitors.