Priyanka Chopra speaking press conference

Posted by : Saran | Saturday, February 5, 2011 | Published in

While speaking at a columnist appointment in Mumbai, Priyanka Chopra said she has never apparent banknote amounting to Rs 6 Crore, so there is no catechism of accepting had it in her abode during the contempo IT raid.
As to the attendance of her accounted admirer Shahid Kapoor at her abode during the raid, Priyanka said back her mother, who usually stays with her, wasn’t at the house, she asked Shahid, who stays three account away, to be there on her behalf.
Priyanka told the accumulated pressmen that she was acutely aching by the counterfeit account that unaccounted banknote accretion Rs 6 crore was recovered from her house.
“You accept in rumors back they run it as front-page news, after blockage its authenticity. Neither you ask the accused actuality whether the allegations are accurate or not, nor do you actualize it with any cardboard work,” she said.
“I had never accomplished annihilation like this before. Whatever happened has acutely aching me and acutely afflicted me. I accept already said whatever I had to say and we accept continuously cooperated with the investigating authorities.”
Priyanka prides herself in actuality amidst the accomplished tax payer Bollywood star.
“I still feel appreciative that I am counted amid the few accomplished tax advantageous Bollywood stars and achievement to be so as continued God continues to accord me the opportunity,” Priyanka concluded.