Blood on her hands

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Khoon ho toh Priyanka ke haathon se ho, varna naa ho.... When Vishal Bhardwaj had bidding his absorption to accomplish a blur about a woman killing her seven husbands with PC in the lead, about every man who affairs in Bollywood lined up to be clawed by the junglee billi. Alike Gerard Butler had already bidding the admiration to accommodated his end at her hands. Again there was Gulzar who went asthmatic — “Aap ko dekh ke badi der se meri saans ruki hai” — for Bekaraan.
7 Khoon Maaf is calmly the most-awaited Bollywood absolution in a continued time. Is it your most-awaited absolution too?
I anticipate all my films are “most important” to me. It would be actual amiss of me to accurately say that this is the most-awaited release. I don’t differentiate amid my films. This is absolutely one of the best challenging, yes!
What makes it so challenging? Can it possibly get added arduous than arena 12 characters in one blur (What’s Your Raashee?)?
The actuality that I age from about 20 to 65 in the blur and to accept the anima of a woman who is alone attractive for adulation but is alone aching in love. And because of that she ends up killing all her seven husbands. I anticipate that fabricated it best challenging.
Do you anticipate it’s tougher to ball a appearance at age 20 and again 30 than at 20 and again 65 because the composition does the ambush for the latter?
No, I don’t anticipate so. I am in my 20s appropriate now and it’s abundantly difficult to ball the 50s and again 65. The composition gives me wrinkles for abiding but if I behave like a 20-year-old, I am activity to attending mad. Composition is like an alien cover... it is like clothes. You accept to behave the age you are playing, you accept to behave like the character. That is about 70 per cent of the battle.
You accept formed with the best of admiral in your eight-year-old blur career. But you and Vishal assume to accept begin a appropriate chemistry...
Vishal Sir and I accept an amazing compassionate as a administrator and actor. And I anticipate he is one of the finest filmmakers we accept in the country today. Simply because he is unapologetic about the films that he makes. He is the affectionate of filmmaker who absolutely pushes the envelope... he backs his aesthetics and that’s why he makes the movies that he does.
A woman killing her seven husbands... do you anticipate you will accept the admirers on your ancillary on this one?
I anticipate I can accumulate the accord of the audience. That is what the blur is about. It’s not a thriller, it’s not a abhorrence or a anxiety film, it’s a comedy. It’s a aphotic comedy, it’s a atramentous comedy. It’s acute but the humour that is abstemious in the film, I think, that’s what will accomplish you about-face about at the end of the blur and say: “Oh, poor Susanna! She was absolutely wronged.” We are cogent you a news here, a aces story.... Films are not fabricated for an admirers to acknowledge in a assertive way... films are fabricated for an admirers to be alert and taken into a assertive world. And that’s what this blur does.
Your seven husbands appear from such altered schools of acting. What was it like switching from a Naseeruddin Shah to a John Abraham to an Irrfan Khan to an Annu Kapoor?
I am not switching at all! I abide connected as my appearance (giggles). I anticipate they would accept had to switch. For me an amateur is an amateur is an actor. They are not a John Abraham or a Naseeruddin Shah or an Irrfan Khan or an Annu Kapoor... they are Jimmy Stetson and Dr Madhushudan Tarafdar and Wasiullah Khan and Keemat Lal. They become the characters they are declared to be and not the bodies they are.
Do you accept any favourites, though?
None of them. That’s why I annihilate them all (giggles out loud).
Priyanka Chopra with Naseeruddin Shah in 7 Khoon Maaf
How was it actuality the Bangali bou in the Naseeruddin Shah episode?
It was lovely! Because I ball a 60-year-old Bengali helpmate and it was really, absolutely nice. Alike admitting she is a Christian woman, Dr Tarafdar is a allegiant Bengali and she has to be the Bangali bou. It was absolutely nice to accept a little bit of that colour in my character.
Our bounded fable Usha Uthup plays your maid. How was she to assignment with?
My clean-up aggregation (giggles)! She is an amazing lady... aces to assignment with... abundantly talented, not aloof as a accompanist but as an amateur too. And she was so affectionate to me. I met her ancestors as well. Alive with her was like alive with somebody who loves you all the time. It was nice!
After the aboriginal promo of 7 Khoon Maaf came out, Kunal Kapoor tweeted that he would rather break abroad from you during the Don 2 schedule. Will you be active abroad all the men with this one film?
The ambition was consistently to shock people. Men should accept consistently been abashed of Priyanka Chopra. And now, alike added so (giggles out loud).