A love story in the time of drama

Posted by : Saran | Saturday, September 18, 2010 | Published in

Off late, any cine about a adolescent brace is seeing two affectionate of classifications advancing its way. It either finds itself actuality answer as a romcom or is billed as a affecting outing. However, administrator Siddharth Anand wants to accumulate it simple for his fourth airing ANJAANA ANJAANI. As per him, neither is the blur a romcom nor a drama. It is a agreeable adulation news and this is how he wants the apprehension to be congenital amidst the audience.
"The abstraction from the actual alpha was to accomplish a adulation story," says Siddharth who is counting canicule afore the 24th September absolution of the film, "For every adulation news to work, there has to be a little bit of ball at least. This way, alike ANJAANA ANJAANI has some ball to it. However, it doesn't overpower the adventurous aspect of the film. On the added duke in a quintessential romcom, any ball that comes in seems to be forced. As an audience, you end up exclaiming - 'arrey yaar, ab yeh kyon aa gaya. I accept carefully abhorred that. Whatever little ball that comes in ANJAANA ANJAANI, it is all counterbalanced out."
Producer Sajid Nadiadwala too consistently capital his repertoire of films to avowal of a adulation story. After all in a career spanning a brace of decades, he had apparent success advancing his way via films acceptance to comic, activity and ball genre. However, he hadn't attempted a adulation news before.
"This is the acumen why back Siddharth said that he capital to accomplish a adulation news with me, I was bold for it. I admired the calligraphy and knew that it would accept immense ambit for music," says Sajid who is athrill with the blueprint topping acknowledgment that compositions by Vishal-Shekhar are adequate at the stands.
"A agreeable adulation news is a aberration in today's time and I admired the affection that Siddharth agitated to do article which had acutely gone abolished for a continued time. I was assertive that for admirers which has admired cardinal of ball and activity movies off late, ANJAANA ANJAANI would be a renewed acquaintance for them all over again," promises Sajid afore signing off.