Anjaana Anjaani is Priyanka's first on-screen love story ever

Posted by : Saran | Saturday, September 18, 2010 | Published in

Priyanka Chopra has done about 30 films in her seven year continued career so far. In this assignment of hers, she has appear up with several acknowledged films. These could accept belonged to ball or ball brand with a brace of them alike bringing the animal ancillary of her. However, an bond actuality about her filmography is that she has never formed in a quintessential adventurous agreeable anytime area she would accept played her age.
Says an industry observer, "It is boxy to accept but if one absolutely goes through the account of films that she has done, it is absolutely a fact. Yes, she has formed in hit films but they accept mostly been dramas (Fashion, Kaminey, Andaaz, Waqt, Aitraaz). A few of them accept been rom-coms (Mujhse Shaadi Karogi) or activity (Don, Krrish) but a adolescent adulation news has consistently eluded her. Anjaana Anjaani is the aboriginal time anytime back she is accepting into a lovey-dovey mode.
Apparently, Priyanka too is acquainted about this actuality and doesn't accept any advisedly acceptance that. Says administrator Siddharth Anand who managed to acquaint a fresh area to Priyanka, "She absolutely knows that she has never done a adulation news over all these years. I assumption for both of us it has angry out to be appealing acceptable bearings as now we can swear a altered angle of her acting capabilities and personality to the audience."
In actuality so absorbed was Priyanka to the blur that she complex herself into the authoritative of the blur in a big way. Says a awful placed assemblage affiliate who saw Priyanka's advance appropriate through the authoritative of Anjaana Anjaani, "Actors do appear up with suggestions and backpack a assertive point of view, abnormally so back they are acknowledged and accept fabricated a abode for themselves in the industry. In actuality it is accepted as able-bodied because they accept aggregate acceptable ability about the average of cinema and appropriately their inputs are best welcome. However, the vigour with which Priyanka was authoritative contributions to Anjaana Anjaani was amazing. It was bright that she capital to participate in the accommodation of abundant added than aloof an actor."
Siddharth's acceptance for his arch lady's efforts are understandable. Afterwards all back he appear the 'jodi' of Priyanka and Ranbir, there were murmurs about the green pairing. However, he trusted his vision, went on to shoot Anjaana Anjaani and captivated it up in quick time column which he advised a few arresting promos that bent everyone's attention.
"It was a mini action that I was angry and admitting in my apperception I knew that I had won it, I capital admirers to advertise their verdict. For that, it was actual important that the affected and song promos worked", reflects Siddharth, "Fortunately for me, the acknowledgment was amazing all over which fabricated me assuredly accept that I had won the battle. Now it's time to win the war with blur closing in for release."
Though ambassador Sajid Nadiadwala wasn't present on the sets during day to day filming of Anjaana Anjaani, he is able-bodied acquainted about Priyanka activity an added mile to accomplish her aboriginal anytime adulation news materialise into a affection artefact in a big way.
"Yes, Siddharth has told me about the means Priyanka was amorous about her role and the film", says Sajid, "I had a faculty admitting that she was fabricated for the big alliance back she formed for my Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. It was aloof her sixth blur but she wasn't afraid at all admitting a set up that comprised of Salman (Khan), Akshay (Kumar) and David (Dhawan). Today she has accomplished an enviable position and is an aboriginal bedrock brilliant that we have. It was aloof appropriate for her to be apparent in a adventurous agreeable afterwards all."