Priyanka Chopra loves the attention and admiration

Posted by : Arunkumar . U | Monday, April 12, 2010 | Published in

Mumbai: Hot Priyanka Chopra loves the absorption and account of millions of admirers beyond the country. But afresh she faced a agonizing bearings back a fan approved to grab her as she stepped out of her vanity van. The actress, like so abounding added blur stars who appear beyond affected fans, was abashed back the man pulled her closer. However, the adventurous gal reacted acerb and slapped him adamantine to advise him a lesson.

Sources acknowledge that a altercation was created at the blur set, area Priyanka was cutting with Zayed Khan. The affected fan, who was in his twenties looked atoning as the assemblage associates rushed to the actress’ rescue, was let off and no badge complaint was filed adjoin him.

Little admiration again that the adventurous and admirable extra has been roped in for the activity absoluteness appearance – Fear Factor. The adult is added than abundant to assure herself and her acknowledgment at the face of affliction was added than commendable. Kudos!