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The Conference Group opened its doors for business in 1999 with a focus on affection chump service. This boutique access has remained their focus since the beginning and has resulted in a incredibly high degree of customer satisfaction. The conference group delivers the audio, web and video conferencing solutions your business needs to succeed. Whether you charge to host a web conference, audio appointment or an abounding HD video conference, we accept the absolute conferencing band-aid for you. The conference Group is appreciative to accommodate you with the adult technology bare to accredit an industry affection of teleconferencing and web/video conferencing casework to advice your business accomplish on a all-around scale.
The Conference Group offers high affection audio conferencing services that allow their audience to angle above their rivalry by giving them the skill to quickly and finer administer communications. Their Web conference account lets companies get advanced by giving them the adeptness to communicate with assorted parties at already from anywhere at any time. These enable clients to fully customize their web conferencing experience from meeting to meeting. The availability of options gives their clients the ability to control their calls and maximize their efficiency. It also enables attendees to participate more fully. To get admission to your reservation less recordings, make a logon for their fresh client dashboard. Once you accept created a logon, you can click Appointment Overview in the My Conference area of the dashboard. Select the History figure under Actions to accept a list of your Conference calls for the aftermost 6 months. Find the conference with the recording you want to download.
The Conference Group has been familiar for outstanding customer service and hold up by the teleconferencing industry agencies consecutively for several years. Available 24/7, their customer service legislature are acquisitive to abetment their barter to accommodate an effortless telecommunications experience.