Maddy says, change your attitude

Posted by : Arunkumar . U | Thursday, August 18, 2011 | Published in

There is a lot added to Madhavan than his acceptable looks, analgesic smile, and acting skills. The man is a thinker and consistently bold for a acceptable debate. Recently, acknowledgment to Anna Hazare and his attempt adjoin corruption, bodies accept had their eyes forcibly opened to the alarming bearings in our country. While discussing the affair in an alternate affair with fans, Maddy actuality actual amorous about it, cautioned them and said that it was far too accessible to point fingers and accusation the government or accurate political parties. He said that the seeds of bribery were buried a continued time ago and it will booty a absolute change in our attitude as a nation to affected this evil. Maddy's alarming appearance in Bollywood blockbuster Rang de Basanti echoed the aforementioned sentiment. And it appears that Maddy has adopted this absolute attitude and is additionally alarming his admirers to do the aforementioned in the achievement that it will conductor in a new, better, and afflicted bribery - chargeless era for India.