About How I will die

Posted by : Saran | Thursday, June 30, 2011 | Published in

Hi folks, You may desperately looking for a great Andpoid and iPhone application for long time. I have been come across a wonderful application and installed it immediately into my Android phone.. It is really rocking.. What you all need to do is to login to how I will die official website howiwilldie.com and you will get the right application. First of all the website itself looks great to me. This is the application where you can start design your death than anybody else. It is awesome entertainment with your phone.

The Death stories from the other users are really amazing and you can also create your own stories. The best stories are really appreciated by the folks. You can send post cards to friends and check the souls.. there are so many options and entertainment with this application. There is also a quick test option in the how I will die website where you can do the test by playing and if you are really interested, download it.  To know more about their future plan, I have already registered in their website and sure I am following them from now on. I will never miss to entertain myself with How I will die.