Glamorous Mugdha Godse

Posted by : Saran | Tuesday, March 22, 2011 | Published in

Glamorous Mugdha Godse who fabricated her admission as a hot archetypal in Fashion was accepted for actuality a diehard meat eater. But the extra has now had a change of affection and she has taken a vow to never eat non vegetarian food. Mugdha has been practicing Ashtang yoga for absolutely some time and it has fabricated her healthy, added admirable and wise. It is again she absitively that to accomplish herself healthier, she will about-face vegetarian.
Mugdha is one amid of the several bodies in Bollywood who are austere vegetarians. It is a accepted actuality that Kareena did not blow an egg alike back a film’s calligraphy accepted her to and carefully told that she will do annihilation but eat non vegetarian. Extra Celina Jaitley has been the archetypal for PETA and has preached vegetarianism. Will Mugdha be the abutting PETA model? Let’s delay and watch!