Veena had cried bitterly at the National Television

Posted by : Saran | Wednesday, January 26, 2011 | Published in

Pakistani actress and model Veena Malik, a Pakistani national television recently split - had cried | Veena co-participant in the Bigg Boss accused of sex with Ashmit Patel are |

Also show them the allegations of unethical behavior by Pakistani mullahs are planted | Veena It was extremely upset and he says, why have all that behind them are | When are broadcast on public television show hosted by Maulana Kavi Indian reality show Big Bass -4 questioned about his behavior so he wept |

He said he was not representing anyone in show | I am as I watch the same show | I'm just a Enteroenr | you tell me what I wore bikini on the show or how to be a reason | I have done All the show was part of the task |

Veena said that being a Muslim they know your limits | I read the Koran | According to sources, after taking part in the Big Boss of the Veena from India, Pakistan are back on the phone to them being bullied