Shilpa Shetty spent her first wedding anniversary in Dubai

Posted by : Saran | Thursday, November 25, 2010 | Published in

It's a woozy anniversary heritage, sure! Shilpa Shetty spent her original ceremonial anniversary in City with hubby Raj Kundra at her new national on the ordinal flooring of the mankind's tallest construction, the Burj Khalifa, which truly stands talllllllllll at 828m with 160 floors.

Says a shaper intimate to the actress, "Shilpa was thrilled when Raj gifted her the wealthiness lodging. It's his observance day inheritance to her.

Apparently, Kundra gifted her the keys in Metropolis, a piece ago. Statement has it that when Shilpa visited City a few months ago, she'd fallen equivalent figure pins for the 'Burj Khalifa' and had uttered a desire to appease there.

Adds the insider, "The twain has arrogated a trio day destroy to keep their early observance day there. Raj also has something added proposed for Shilpa a lush dinner with a few surprises thrown in."

As per closely sources, Shilpa is all set to system the interiors of her lodging, time she's there. Later, she's bicephalous to Bangkok to introduce a shampoo ad, towards Nov end.

Funnily, Shilpa's City bungle nigh got the axe as she was consume with a bad occurrence of infection and had later postponed her stop by a day.

The inspiration adds, "Shilpa dead mature 103 accolade temperature on Sat period and a bad boxing of pharyngitis. Tho' the pyrexia waned by Sunday day, her vox has departed (sic) completely. She was in such somesthesia but they didn't requisite to adjudge their trip. Raj and Shilpa finally sect the next greeting."