About Magnalight

Posted by : Arunkumar . U | Tuesday, July 27, 2010 | Published in

Hi buddies, Have you ever thought of a site which provides you a menu to illuminate your life with floodlights and splash lights? Larson Electronics’ www.magnalight.com is the site which brings to you a huge catalogue of lights and equipments of your needs. The site has in its store a variety of lights for various purposes. We have HID lights and equipments. Rechargeable HID flood lights with Rotating and tilting magnetic base. There are spotlights with remote control. Lights for military missions are very robust and trustworthy in all weather conditions. Larson Electronics produces the Magnalight 24 volt spotlight with magnetic base for use on the military HUMVEE, Bradley and Fox vehicles. Larson Electronics now stocks the Hand Magnetic Light 5M (HML-5M) 24 volt magnetic spotlight (2nd row of spotlights above) and the Hand Magnetic Light 6M (HML-6M) HID spotlight (first row above). Larson Electronics' Www.magnalight.com division announced the addition of several new explosion proof fluorescent lights for handheld applications. Larson Electronics’ Www.magnalight.com is expanding its line of explosion proof lights to include new fluorescent handheld lights. Models like the EPLFL-26@-P-120-100 offer a plastic housing, lightweight form factor and 100 foot of cord to reach outlets outside the hazardous location area.