Katrina has to raid the officers wept in front

Posted by : Saran | Wednesday, January 26, 2011 | Published in

On Monday, when Katrina Kaif's house raided by Income Tax authorities he was not present at home | but as soon as they got wind of this he immediately reached home with his chartered accountant |

Cat have come to this very tense and a spot in front of existing income tax official said the authorities had to cry | Cat red appeared disappointed when the thing and not stop myself crying and had to Peaian | Although investigation is still has not ended and will continue to check it a few days |

Cat on the tax evasion and accused of hiding the details of real earnings | Cat besides Priyanka Chopra also raided the home | tax authorities revealed that the two actresses often sent notice but no interest shown by the two | The raids were killed in the December 2010 high profile due to them but we have noticed many things just did not want to take any action |